Trump, Biden trade blame over rising violence as campaign heats up

In this post you will read about the USA elections fundraising by President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. President Trump’s re-election effort raised more than $27 million in the span of four days. After an extensive digital fundraising effort and resumption of in-person fundraising.

USA Election: Fundraising by Trump-Biden

In the USA election Trump campaign and Republican National Committee resumed in-person fundraising. Raking in $10 million at a private home in Dallas and $3 million in Bedminster. At least 21 people of Indian descent figure on the list of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s list. Elite contribution-collectors pitching in more than $100,000 to his campaign coffers.

Indian-Americans involvement in USA Election

The list of 820 volunteers on the $100K+ list released by the campaign on Saturday. Showed that Indian-Americans made up 2.5 per cent of it. More than double the proportion of the community in the country’s population reflecting its deep involvement in American politics. As well its status as the ethnic group with the highest income.

Trump and Biden Fundraising

President Donald Trump has not released a similar list of top contribution collectors. Overall Trump had raised $1.57 billion by last month. Having started earlier than Biden whose collection was $1.51 billion. But Biden’s take has been outstripping Trump’s in recent months. In the first half of October, his take was more than double that of Trump, $167 million to $82 million. In the 2016 election, the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s tally stood at $1.2 billion. Double the size of Trump’s $600 million.

Prominent Activists in Biden List

The Biden list included prominent activists. They were Ajay Bhutoria, Swadesh Chatterjee, Frank Islam, Neil Makhija, Shekhar Narasimhan, M Rangaswami and Pramila Jayapal. Many of the Indian-Americans on the list are entrepreneurs in technology and related fields.

How much an Individual can contribute Money in USA Election?

The Biden campaign did not say how much the volunteers had collected. Under US laws, an individual can contribute a maximum of only $2,800 directly to a candidate. According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Appeals For Funds in USA Election

They collect the contributions at fundraisers they host with the candidate or other VIPs or by making appeals for funds. This enables them to increase their influence or their cause’s far beyond the $2,800 they are limited to as individuals.

Kamala Harris controversy in USA Election

The transparency helps the public and watchdog groups monitor who contributes to campaigns and if there are conflicts of interest. The vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was drawn into the controversy criticising Jaishankar. And questioning his right to choose whom he wants to meet. The others on the list include Bela Bajaria, Shailen Bhatt, Swadesh Chatterjee, Shefali Razdan Duggal, Kiran Jain, Sonny Kalsi, Ramesh Kapur, Deven Parekh, Satya Patel, Rahul Prakash, Deepak D. Raj, Erik Ramanathan, Radhika Shah, Raj Shah, Rajan Shah, Jill and Raj Singh, and Nidhi Thakar.