Trump, Biden trade blame over rising violence as campaign heats up

US Elections are in interesting mode. Donald Trump and Joe Biden claiming victory. The USA is known for making monumental blunders and a monumental blunder would be another civil war.

US Election: Trump-Biden claiming victory

It is very typical time for Trump and Biden. Even for Americans, US Elections are not predictable. There is confusion as to who is winning or has won the elections in the US. With Donald Trump claiming victory. And saying that he will get the counting process stopped. Will the votes of a large number of Americans be declared invalid? There is a rumor that if Trump loses America could see an armed uprising as thousands of Trump fans.

US Election: What happen if Joe Biden comes to power

The USA is known for making monumental blunders and a monumental blunder would be another civil war. Hopefully that will not happen and even if Joe Biden comes to power. It will be in his interest to maintain good ties with India and not back Pakistan. It has been quite some time that anyone in the USA has even mentioned the name of Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden was the most wanted man in the USA and responsible for the strike on the World Trade Centre.

US and Pakistan Relations

The US counterattack on Bin Laden. And the discovery that America’s most wanted terrorist was hiding in Pakistan. Had led to a low in US and Pakistan relations. These relations have been steadily deteriorating since then. There has been a growing realisation that the call George Bush. Made to Pakistan after the nine eleven attack should have gone to India.

US and India Relations

There is growing realisation the world over that Pakistan cannot be trusted. When it comes to dealing with issues related to terror and India. India is the natural ally for Europe and America in the war against terrorism. Laden could not have entered and stayed in Pakistan the way he did without the knowledge of the Pakistan government.

What next if Biden wins

Also in a state where there are not one but numerous terror outfits operating the chances of the Pakistanis. Being aware of him and protecting him are higher than the chances of their being innocent bystanders. USA must never forget what Bin Laden stood for. He was not only the world’s greatest terrorist; he was also a man who stood as a symbol of the betrayal of the USA by Pakistan.