How To Rank up Quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19

Season 19 of PUBG Mobile Lite has begun, and the rank tier of the previous season has been reset.

This article lists down some of the best tips to rank up quickly through the tiers in this popular game.

How To Rank up Quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19

PUBG Mobile Lite has a challenging rank system. Season 19 began a few days ago, and now is the perfect time for users to start pushing ranks.

Gamers desire to reach the higher tiers, giving them a sense of accomplishment and tier rewards. This post provides some of the best tips for gamers to rank up quickly in the game.

Tips to Rank up Quickly in Season 19 of PUBG Mobile Lite

Controls and settings to rank up
Sensitivity settings and layout are the two crucial factors affecting gameplay in PUBG Mobile Lite. It is recommended for players to find the appropriate sensitivity settings and layout based on the device they are using.

Also, copying a layout or the settings of others doesn’t yield any benefits. Gamers need to try out various combinations and find the ones that suit them best.

Correct Choice of Weapons to Rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite

Weapons play a crucial role in gunfights. As the loot in a BR match is randomly spread across the map. Gamers should try and get good at every possible weapon in PUBG Mobile Lite. It is always recommended for the players to equip. Or have at least one long-range. And one mid to close-range gun to exploit enemies at any position on the map. This would help the users to survive the early stages of the match.

Gamers will have to put utilities like grenades into use to improve their gameplay and push their ranks.

Landing Spots Settings to Rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite

Planning the landing spots can also help users rank up quickly. However, it may depend and vary on the trajectory of the plane in a BR match. Users can opt for far-distance landing to increase their chances of survival while pushing ranks. Resulting in a quick death and a massive reduction in rank points.

Find a vehicle to rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite

Players must find and carry a vehicle with them as soon as they land and finish their looting on the map. Vehicles can play a significant role in survival in PUBG Mobile Lite. Reducing time to commute from one place to another.

Survival and kill points to rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite

Surviving for a longer duration would help them gain a higher number of survival points in PUBG Mobile Lite. They can also third-party other gamers and squads during the game to keep themselves safe. And attain kill points easily, thus pushing ranks quickly.

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