Bride Market China

Nov 2, 2020

It is like a work of fiction and the stories are hard to believe but they are true. Chinese men are marrying poor but good looking Pakistani Christian girls and girls from the PoK and taking them to
mainland China. There the girls are either killed for their organs.

Which are sold to the highest bidder or they are forced into prostitution.

Bride Market China: Pakistani Girl Marriage with Chinese

The Pakistan government is doing nothing about it as they cannot complain to big brother China about anything in fact they are so indebted to big brother China that the matter is not even raised in the debates of women security in the national fora of the pariah nation.

Imran Khan who calls himself a champion of women’s rights has so far not even bothered to take notice of the matter

And it has been left to the emasculated Pakistani media to highlight whatever it can in this issue.

Pakistan Selling Brides to China

The recent case of a poor Christian girl who somehow managed to escape her Chinese husband and confront her brothers and family and has blown the lid of the case.

The family was given a huge sum of money as bride money for the girl before she was married off to a Chinese man.

The man then took her to China and kept her in a hotel room where she was forced to entertain several persons by her so called husband.

Her husband has categorically stated that she has been bought by him and her family has sold her off.

Bride Buying in Pakistan

The least the Pakistan government can do is raise awareness among the NGOs and social workers in the area against the pitfalls of such marriages. And dissuade Pakistani parents from marrying off their girls to Chinese gentlemen.

Bride Market Growing in China

Even though this miniscule step will help save many lives the government is sitting pretty and refusing to open this topic fearing it will open a Pandora’s Box if it does so.