Bill Gates Quotes

It was Bill Gates who almost predicted that a pandemic was coming in the year 2015.

He timed it around the year 2018 because that was exactly one hundred years after the Spanish Flu ravaged the world and left countless dead in many parts of the world.

However, when the pandemic came it came in the year 2020.

Bill Gates who predicted Covid-19 pandemic

Following up on what he said then Bill Gates has spoken again and this time he predicts that in the absence of a vaccine.

The pandemic will worsen when the people go indoors in the northern hemisphere when it becomes colder.

Gates, however, is positive about one thing that the rich can recover and that the rich countries will be doing better once the vaccine is in place in 2021.

Social distancing and masks

However, the winter of 2020 and the summer of 2021 leaves humanity defenceless as all they have is their behaviour and social distancing and masks to save them from the corona virus.

The man who saw a pandemic coming as early as 2015 namely Billion Dollar Bill Gates is now saying that it should take a year for a vaccine to come into the world.

The history of the pharmacuetical industry for the last two centuries does not give much hope.

Less humanitarian considerations

This is because the industry is driven more by fiscal considerations and less by humanitarian considerations.

There are rumours that the vaccine could be a nasal spray form vaccine that has to be used regularly.

There will definitely be a lot of money in managing a disease rather than eradicating a disease and it is this that we have to guard against as a civilisation.

Case of hypertension and diabetes

Take the case of hypertension and diabetes. The industry has given pills to manage both and there is a lot of money riding on that however they have not been able to come up with a cure to end the disease in a human body.

While a cure will be one shot and there will be no repeat orders managing the disease means a lot of money coming in on a regular basis. A cure is yet to emerge for the common cold.