So Biden and Harris are the new team in USA today and the Indian descent Kamala is finally in power. Biden and Kamala have soft corner towords India. These relations will bloom new relationship with both superpowers.

Biden-Kamala Relations with India

Will all this signal a sea change in US diplomacy and its ties with India? Even as world leaders including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have rushed to congratulate the new team in the White House new POTUS Joe Biden has made it amply clear that he values his relationship with India and will do everything to nurture it.

Change in US Policy and Pakistan

There are however fears in India that with the exit of Donald Trump there will be a change in US policy and the Americans will begin to lean in favor of Pakistan.

Tricky Tight Rope Between India and China and Pakistan

Biden on the other hand has not exactly inherited a bed of roses from Donald Trump. On the other hand there are several unresolved issues that will have to be addressed by him. Not only is the tricky tight rope walk between India and China and Pakistan still there the USA has to deal with rising right wing politics. With even liberal France not willing to support tolerance and liberalism the USA cannot suddenly begin to favour certain sectors and minorities.

Biden and the unresolved question of North Korea

Then there is the unresolved question of North Korea and its unprecedented aggression. Trump tried his best to resolve the situation but matters are far from normal there. Even Iran has cocked a snook at the Trump administration and the situation in the middle east was very volatile
at one time. As far as the ISIS went the Americans managed to do nothing about it. It was left for Russia to resolve the situation. In short, Biden and Kamala have to restore American prestige globally. How will they do it?